Shot blasting and shot peening
machines with compressed air system

Manual line

  Aesthetic finishes, deburring, preparation for coatings, removal of paints or oxidation, improvement of rough surfaces and much more: our machines are designed to achieve high-quality surface treatments and to completely satisfy your specific needs.

  Our manual line machines offer optimal performance and are targeted for the different processing needs and characteristics of your business.

Automatic line

  Designed for automatic sandblasting and shot-peening treatment. Some models are suitable for bulk processing of small components, using a tumbler or rotating belt automation.

  For parts requiring individual surface treatment, we offer satellite systems that guarantee the highest levels of productivity and process repeatability.

  These satellite systems are also equipped with PLC interfaces for the management of work instructions and maintenance, and linear axes or robots for handling the guns.

  Each of our models is equipped with efficient grit recovery systems and filters to manage dust output.


3D printing line

  Due to the inherent limitations in the current additive processes, the products obtained have a surface quality and roughness values that may be unacceptable for most applications.

  Our new line of 3D-Printing Line products offers manual and automatic post-processing solutions and is custom-designed for cleaning, finishing and roughness reduction of components produced with all additive manufacturing technologies (SLS, MJF, SLM, EBM, FDM and Binder Jetting).

Shot-peening Line

  Shot peening  is designed to improve the fatigue strength of cemented, nitrided and reclaimed parts. The treatment can reach a considerable depth and is often used to slow or eliminate breakage associated with stress corrosion, fretting and pitting, and to reduce the negative effects associated with the decarburisation of surfaces. In the aviation sector, it is also used before applying galvanic coating to eliminate the embrittlement caused by application of the coating layer.

  Our systems are designed with the most advanced technology to completely satisfy the specific requirements of this particular treatment, characterized by numerous specifications and extreme application complexity.

  Our machines are designed to give every single piece the same treatment through rigorous control of all process characteristics, including working pressure, hot-spot location, blasting angle, shot size, shape and flow, and the speed of shifting and rotation of the various drives. Our solutions are certified under NADCAP specifications and are compatible with typical guidelines of industry certifications.

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