Exoskeletons suit

  ShoulderX For Automotive, Construction and Shipbuilding Workers to Reduce Shoulder Injuries More Protection & Productivity For sustained work at chest to ceiling level with light to moderate weight tools. Examples include overhead assembly, paneling, electrical work, welding, grinding, picking, pruning, painting, inspection, and drilling.

  BackX has shown the ability to reduce the strain on a wearer’s lower back (L5/S1 disc) by an average of 60% while stooping, lifting objects, bending or reaching. Decreasing strain in the muscles of the lower back can reduce the compression force around the L5-S1 vertebra lowering the risk of back injuries and increasing user endurance.

  Even without the use of electronics the backX is intelligent enough to not impede natural movements, allowing the wearer to perform most activities, such as walking, climbing up and down stairs and operating work vehicles, without restriction, while supported the wearer when they need it the most.

  LegX is a revolutionary exoskeleton that supports the user's knees, allowing them to squat repeatedly or for prolonged periods of time with ease. Research has shown that it can reduce muscle strain in the quadriceps around the knee joint while squatting.

  The size of the exoskeleton, and the amount of support it provides, can be customized for the user based on their individual needs. The legX offers two distinct functions: Smart Mode and Locking Mode, which can be used independently or in combination.

  In the Smart Mode, the system gets out of the way while walking or going up and down stairs. It automatically engages while squatting and transfers part of the user's weight, past their knee, to the ground. In this mode, the user gets assistance on the way down as well as on the way up. In the Locking Mode, the exoskeleton can be used like a chair that can be adjusted to multiple heights.
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